Planned Giving

PEF, designated by the IRS as a tax-exempt, nonprofit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization (#94-287212), was started in 1982 by community members who envisioned a bright future for each and every one of our local students. PEF’s Endowments and Planned Giving Programs offer you the opportunity to pledge to support this incredible vision by leaving a gift to education through an established permanently endowed fund or including Petaluma Educational Foundation in your estate plan. Either gift will last forever ensuring a solid foundation for Petaluma students. By creating a gift to PEF in this way you are leaving a lasting legacy for our community, allowing PEF to honor your support today, tomorrow and in the future.

PEF’s Vision for the Future

Embracing the vision of PEF’s founders, our current board of directors has embarked on a financially sound and long-term plan to build the PEF Grant Endowment providing a certain future.

Permanent Endowed Funds

What is an Endowed Fund? Your donation will be prudently invested to grow over time and provide earnings that you direct to fund a grant, scholarship or provide general foundation support. You may donate any amount to an existing fund or establish a separate personal endowment with a minimum donation of $10,000. PEF’s Endowment is managed by Exchange Bank Wealth Management with oversight by our PEF Investment Advisory Committee seated with seasoned financial professionals who guide decisions based on best practices aligned with PEF’s mission in mind.

Give Now or Later Through Planned Giving

Creating a fund is simple. We can discuss your philanthropic goals and help you design a fund established during your lifetime or as part of your estate plan. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your personal interests and structure your gift to best meet the needs of both PEF and your estate plan.

In making a gift to PEF, your professional financial advisor or attorney can assist you with the calculation of tax benefits and with the selection of assets to consider as your contribution, such as an IRA, life insurance policy, stocks, and real estate.

Examples of How Gifts to PEF have Impacted Local Education:

Isabel’s Story

Isabel was born in Petaluma to parents who had immigrated from Mexico. She attended Penngrove Elementary School, Petaluma Junior High and Petaluma High. Throughout her education Isabel benefited from a variety of PEF grants that supported her classroom learning environment. Isabel is the first generation in her family to graduate high school. While growing up, her dream of a college degree in Arts and Education seemed a distant reality. Upon graduation from Petaluma High in 2010, Isabel was able to attend Santa Rosa Junior College thanks to the multiple scholarships she received from PEF. Through hard work and perseverance, she earned the opportunity to pursue her academic dreams at U.C. Davis where she graduated with a major in Art Studio and a minor in Chicana/o Studies. Isabel is the first member of her immediate family to graduate a 4-year college. Today, Isabel is adding a second degree to her academic accomplishments by attending Sacramento State University to earn her teaching credential. She is passionate about returning to the elementary classrooms she remembers as a young impressionable girl where she wants to inspire young students to imagine a limitless future of possibilities thanks to organizations like PEF.

MacIlvain Scholarships

In 1999, a popular teacher at Petaluma High School, Shirley MacIlvain, established a $2,000 scholarship for students “who wish to pursue any kind of further education.” Upon her death in 2001, PEF received a gift from her estate to create the MacIlvain Academic and Family Scholarships. Today’s fund generates approximately $50,000 in scholarships annually.

Henris Family Fund

“My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of living in this community,” Horace Henris wrote in 1992, in regards to a large donation he and his wife Dorothy made to PEF from the sale of a property. “Dorothy’s roots are very deep, going back three generations. We have raised our children and prospered here.” 

The Henris children have continued the legacy of giving back to the community by overseeing annual scholarships created through the family’s endowed fund distributed through PEF that provides financial awards for students from all area high schools.  This year, in 2017, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the initial Henris Family gift to our foundation that continues to support student dreams today, tomorrow and in the future.

Give With Confidence

Since 1982, PEF’s Board of Directors has worked diligently to ensure that we provide a credible, sustainable and fiduciary focused organization to donors. Our board reflects the diversity of our community and plays a critical role in ensuring the Endowed Funds are directed to meet the greatest needs in our local schools. Our Investment Advisory Committee (see below) provides a quarterly review of PEF component and endowed funds totaling just over $5,149,214 (as of December 31, 2020).

Investment Policy Statement

As a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, we have
formulated an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to
assist our Board of Directors in effectively supervising,
monitoring and evaluating the investments of our assets. The objectives of the Board have been established in conjunction with a comprehensive review of the current
and projected financial requirements.  PEF is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID #94-2847212.

PEF Investment Advisory Committee                                  

Brian Breen, PEF Alumni Board Member / Committee Chair 707-595-6556
Elias Husary, Community Member
Andrew Fishman, PEF Board Member
Tim McGaughey, PEF Board Member
Mark Soiland, PEF Alumni Board Member
Craig Walker, PEF Board Member

PEF Planned Giving Committee

John Burns, PEF Board Member / Chair 707-769-6915
Brian Breen, PEF Board Member
Andrew Fishman, PEF Board Member
W. Thom Knudson, Community Member
Carol Ann Libarle, PEF Board Member
Bridget Mackay, Community Member
Brandon Trammell, Community Member
Craig Walker, PEF Board Member

Non-Profit Organizational Funds

PEF has established NPO Funds (Non-Profit Organizational Funds) to provide other nonprofits an opportunity to invest their funds through PEF to utilize the secure investment strategies and oversight provided by the PEF Investment Advisory Group.

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