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Our vision is to create impactful educational opportunities for all students in our community.

Our mission is to fund programs that promote critical thinking, creativity, student well-being, and lifelong learning.

2022 PEF Scholarship Program

Deadline to apply for the current academic year is 1/25/2022. The PEF Scholarship program provides financial awards acknowledging a variety of student accomplishments. Scholarships are given to those attending 4-year colleges, community colleges, and vocational programs. Our new online scholarship application portal opens in December each year with applications due in early Spring. The PEF Scholarship Awards Reception takes place in late spring.

The Petaluma Educational Foundation is honored to manage scholarship funds to support students in their passion for learning beyond high school. Through the generosity of our donors, PEF has awarded seniors graduating from all seven Petaluma area high schools, a total of $4,052,069 awarded since the program’s inception in 1990.

PEF proudly presented 275 students from the Class of 2021 with a total of 366 awards totaling $237,559 from 77 PEF managed scholarship funds.

2021 PEF Scholarship Funds/Awards:

Alan J. Pounds Memorial Scholarship
Alice Guglielmetti Agricultural Scholarship
Alphabet Soup Thrift Store Schoalrship
Apply Beyond Fund
Baldwin, McGaughey & Co. CPA Scholarship
Bruce Sharrow Music Memorial Scholarship
Bug Under Glass Scholarship
Butch Milliron Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Captain John Siembieda Memorial Scholarship
Carmen Scott-Fry Scholarship
Carol Brandner/ ROP Occupations with Children Scholarship
Clarence and Rosilda Rogers Memorial Scholarship
Collins Fund for English Language Learners Scholarship
Community Achievement Awards
Cristian Arango Memorial Scholarship
Dan Caletti Memorial Scholarship
Danielle G. Mendez Memorial Scholarship
Darren K. Hansen Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Raymond A. Ramos & Associates Pediatric Dentistry Scholarship
Ed Grossi Memorial Automotive Scholarship
Edwin Kelsey Memorial Scholarship
Ellin Trueblood Scholarship
Fabulous Women Martha Domont Scholarship
Friedman’s Home Improvement Scholarship
Francis Casella Wildlife Management Scholarship
Frank Lynch Memorial Scholarship
GC Micro Corporation Scholarship
Gary Ravani Memorial Scholarship
Gene Benedetti Memorial Scholarship
Grant Elementary School Alumni Scholarship
Harry Kimball Memorial Scholarship
Henris Family Scholarship
Hillcrest Dental Group
Jack Overton Memorial Scholarship
Jeanie Heaslet McNear Educational Scholarship
Jim Pacciorini Memorial Scholarship
John & Andrea Barella Vocational Scholarships
John and Elrose Lounibos Scholarship
John Orfali Memorial Scholarship
John Ramatici Memorial Scholarship sponsored by Rotary Club of Petaluma
Kim and Bill Jensen – Valley Vista Scholarship
Kiwanis Club of Petaluma Community Service Scholarship
Lanker-McHugh Scholarship
Larry Johnson Scholarship
Lift Off Scholarship
MacIlvain Academic Honor Roll Scholarship
MacIlvain Family Scholarship
Max Cerini Memorial Scholarship
Maxwell and Doris Decker RN Scholarship
Niels and Amalia Scott Scholarship
Pat Doherty Memorial Scholarship
Pat Steidl Memorial Scholarship
Paul DiGirolamo Memorial Scholarship for Community Service
Peg King & Jeremy King Real Estate Scholarship
Petaluma Active 20-30 Club Scholarship
Petaluma Area Veterinary Scholarship
Petaluma Chapter of the North Bay Association of Realtors
Petaluma Copperfield’s Scholarship
Petaluma Firefighters Local #1415 Scholarship
Petaluma Girls Softball Association Sean O’Keefe Memorial Scholarship
Petaluma High School FFA Ag Boosters Scholarship
Petaluma Orthodontics Science Scholarship
Petaluma Wildlife Museum Scholarship
Roger Humphres Scholarship for Military Families
Rotary Club of Petaluma Scholarship
Sarah Wadsworth Memorial Scholarship
Seymour M. Brody Memorial Scholarship
Silverberg Family Scholarship
Simply Solar Schoalrship
Terry C. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Torkelson & Associates CPA’s LLP
Trevor Smith Memorial Scholarship
Trey Atkin Memorial Scholarship
U’ren Family Scholarship
Valley Vista PTA/ Nancy Smith Scholarship
Victor L. DeCarli Family Scholarship
Willits Family Scholarship

Additional scholarships may be added throughout the year.  Please visit our application portal at for the most current list of PEF Scholarship Funds available to students.

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